14 Incredible Outdoor Hacks To Make Your Next Camping Trip Legendary

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14 Incredible Outdoor Hacks To Make Your Next Camping Trip Legendary

If you’re an outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) then you know that when Mother Nature calls, saying no is not an option! The fresh air, breathtaking sights, and peaceful environment all make for a perfect getaway.

With that being said, there are a few headaches that most campers are familiar with, so we’ve compiled some of the best “camping hacks” that you can utilize on your next outdoor adventure.

You “Mite” Want To Pay Attention…

No one wants to go home with scabies, so regularly make sure there’s no mites on your clothes by using a lint roller.


Pancakes Are ALWAYS A Good Idea

No one will say no to pancakes on a campsite, but making them is a whole other story. Why not prepare them in advance and fill small baggies with the batter so that all you have to do on-site is squeeze and enjoy!


@A Mum 'N The Oven

Bad Breath Be Gone

No one want to be your friend on the campsite because of your foul breath? Be prepared with toothpaste dots! Simply squeeze toothpaste onto a tin sheet, allow the dots to harden, and then put them in a ziploc bag for easy transport.


@Lighter Packs

Eggs Make A Strong Camper

Transporting eggs and keeping them fresh can be a challenge, but if you crack them in advance and seal them in a jar, they can stay fresh for an entire day without needing any refrigeration.


@Justin Elliot Instagram

Wax On, Wax Off

Soggy shoes can ruin an otherwise pleasant day outdoors, but if you apply wax or paraffin to your shoes, the water will wick right off and you can take in the sights with dry feet!



No More Bigfoot Look

Some people don’t mind a more grizzly look when they’re on a nature vacation, but if you’re the clean-cut type then pack a razor and use a binder clip to protect the blade and your fingers!


@The Krazy Coupon Lady

Bye Bye Bark, Hello Charmin

Being fully immersed in nature is awesome, but there’s always a place for toilet paper. Keep your roll dry by turning any plastic container into a protective holder for your TP.


@Canadian Tire Instagram

Cavemen Wish They Had Vaseline…

Get your mind out of the gutter - we meant so they could start a fire! Even the most outdoorsy can struggle to get a fire going, so here’s a little cheat code: bury a little vaseline in a cotton ball and watch the fire blaze! 


@Pinching Your Pennies

Dirty Shoes Not Allowed Inside

There’s no way around it - your shoes are likely going to get dirty while you’re camping, although that wax we mentioned might help! Bring a basket to use as a communal shoe holder outside your tent or trailer. It’ll also keep most insects away!



Clean Hands On-The-Go

The whole family will make use of a homemade hand washing station like this, and all you need to make your own is a bucket, paper towel, an old laundry detergent container, and some soap.



Fun Without iPads

The kids might have a little separation anxiety from their gadgets, so make your next trip outdoors a fun one for the whole family by making a bag with a list of things that they need to find during the trip. For the safety of all, though, maybe don’t put “broken glass” on the scavenger list like this parent did...

@Creative Homemakers

Always Be Organized

Convert a transparent shoe organizer into a multi-functional holder for all your little necessities like cutlery, medications, first aid supplies, etc.


@Starling Travel

Drinks Best Served Without Bugs

No one wants to take a sip of their drink only to find that they’ve just swallowed an adventurous insect. Make sure that never happens again with a cupcake liner or piece of foil to protect your beverage.



Natural Hangers

The wild doesn’t always come with useful everyday things like hangers, but you can make your own with a shapely branch and some rope.



Let us know what you thought of these outdoor hacks!

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