The 10 Completely Essential Winter Camping Hacks

The 10 Completely Essential Winter Camping Hacks

If you’re an avid winter camper, you already know what makes it so awesome: no bugs, all the wildlife is hibernating, and you get ultimate quiet as no one else is crazy enough to brave the frigid temperatures!

There are some challenges that go along with winter camping, though, so you’ll want to pay close attention to these hacks before your next arctic trip!

  1. Keep Your Clothes In Your Sleeping Bag

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Keeping your next days outfit in your sleeping bag accomplishes two things: it fills in empty space in your bag to keep you even warmer, and it also preheats your clothes with body heat so that you can start the next day nice and toasty!

  1. Batteries Hate The Cold


Batteries don’t work so well in the cold, in fact, sometimes they don’t work at all! Warm them up in your hands to bring them back to life or avoid the problem altogether by keeping them in your sleeping bag.

  1. Shop Winter Gear In The Summer

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Be the one crazy person buying winter jackets and thermal sleeping bags on a humid summer day and you’ll reap the benefits in the way of huge savings!

  1. The Camper’s Version Of A Hot Water Bottle

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Boil some water over the fire before bed and dump it in your water bottle. Throw it in the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep your feet cozy and warm. Important note: make sure your water bottle has the temperature resistance to hold boiling water!

  1. Innovative Way To Heat Your Sleeping Bag


In the continued theme of keeping warm, throw some hand warmers in your sleeping bag to keep you comfortable all night long. Might as well throw a couple in your boots too!

  1. Yoga For A Good Night's Sleep


If you don’t feel like spending more money on a foam sleeping mat but you have a yoga mat around the house, bring it on your next camping trip and lay it under your sleeping bag to add a layer of insulation from the cold ground.

  1. Open Up Those Tent Vents


It might seem counter-intuitive, but open up those tent vents even if it’s freezing cold outside. Keeping it closed will cause condensation from your breath and create snow or water in your tent.

  1. Create A Wind Wall


A fierce wind can make an already frigid day absolutely unbearable, so string up a tarp between two trees to protect your tent from the wind and you’ll notice a huge improvement in temperature.

  1. DIY Sleeping Bag Insulator


A good night's sleep is important when you’re camping, hence the multiple hacks related to sleeping bags. This one involves sewing a couple car windscreen heat reflectors together and slipping your sleeping bag inside them. It’ll trap all the heat inside, so you might want to poke a few holes to avoid a case of the night sweats!

  1. Drink The Snow

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Run out of water? Drink the snow! Collect a bucket and melt it down for drinking. You can boil it if you’re feeling extra cautious, but it’s safe to drink and a simple way to get more water.

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