USB Fly & Bug Trapping Machine

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Love to spend time outdoors? On the patio, enjoying family time, having a BBQ or going camping on the weekends? This summer, don't allow bugs or insects ruin your outdoor fun. Constantly swatting them off of our food and bodies is definitely irritating.

We don't want you to go through that! That's why we're introducing the USB Fly & Bug Trapping Machine, an awesome device that captures any flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes and all other annoying bugs! It is completely non-toxic and safe for anybody to use, so say goodbye to chemical sprays!

This trapping device is constantly rotating around the 5 individual bait traps, the rotating top includes 5 arms that swoop around the bait trap constantly gathering any flies or bugs that are enjoying their snack. It then brings them into the trap making them unable to escape. This will make even the most highly infested areas bug-free in just a matter of minutes.

There is a release for the trap container on the bottom so you can set them free somewhere else or dispose of them once they die, the choice is yours.


  • Five Bait Traps. If it's 100's of flies or just one that's hard to catch and annoying, the trap can capture and contain hundreds at a time. Using Sugar & Water with five bait traps, you will easily be able to clean up your kitchen or patio of any amount of bugs.
  • Five Rotating Arms. Each arm is constantly swooping past the bait traps, capturing any flies or bugs that are feeding. You might think, flies run away from me when I go to capture them - what makes this different? Considering it's in constant motion the flies will not be scared and will allow the arms to pull them into the Anti-Escape Trap.
  • Anti-Escape Trap. Once pulled in by the arms they will be unable to escape leaving the trap. They will be trapped inside until they die or you release them. The bottom has a release switch to let them go outside or dump them into the garbage once killing them.
  • Dehydration. Once the bugs have been tricked into the trap, a dehydration process occurs, killing them.
  • Easy Clean-Up. To clean, simply push the release button then twist off the bottom of the Bug Trap and dump out the contents.
  • Universal Power. This Electronic Bug Trap is powered with a USB connection making it easy to power anywhere around the world. Plug it in with a power block, plug it into your laptop or devices making it completely portable.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic. No more chemical sprays and pesticides contaminating your living area. Using just sugar and water you can get rid of all those annoying bugs!

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